About Us

A Red Rose Foundation was created when a need was recognized in a community of women and children that had no place to turn after living through domestic violence. We work to break the cycles of abuse and hopelessness that come with living through psychological and physical trauma suffered by victims of domestic violence. We empower these moms to create a new career path to secure there present, while they work toward a new future.

The strong stand for themselves, but the stronger stands for others​​

 After leaving abuser there is that terrible awful fear that is just beginning.
Who is going to help me.
Where am I going to live.
How will I support my family.
How am I going to feed my children.
I don't know how I am going to do this on my own.
Will my children be safe.
The fear of leaving is what keeps women with their abuser.

Our Mission

​We seek to empower victims of domestic abuse by providing a safe and nurturing environment for them to heal and grow. In addition to supplying an apartment for each individual family, our organization also provides counseling, transportation, school aid, daycare, and a stable support system for women, mothers, and children emerging from traumatizing circumstances.

Being a victim does not have to be a person's only defining feature. We can help those who suffer find another way.

It doesn't matter how much riches we have, it matters how much we give from our hearts.